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About us

Corporate Culture

Coollux (XLL) corporate culture emphasizes a combination, called , is to establish and perfect the enterprise system, 
the only way to ensure that each factory's products are qualified products, so that the entire firm has reached 
a state of order and everyone is standing on a  same box; ” then, their duties, rights and benefits to achieve a high degree 
of harmony and unity, the introduction of Coollux (XLL) industry management mode of Italy advanced manufacturing, 
to establish their own sound regulatory system and enterprise culture, greatly improving the work efficiency and service level 
to ensure product quality and quantity, can produce timely to customers.

Coollux (XLL) has inherited the honest and trustworthy, pragmatic, to create innovation, dedication,
the face of the crisis, the courage to challenge.Culture is a nation, an enterprise, a social organization 
of “ soul ” is an indispensable element of success. Enterprise culture is the business in the appeal 
of weapons, institutional culture, can form a good work style; the brand culture, in the market as if 
the sword in hand, customers will because companies have noble culture and dumping. 

Coollux (XLL) introduced advanced enterprise culture cultivation mechanism, build entrepreneurial team based on the 
common vision, mission, in promoting enterprises to continuously reform and progress at the same time, advocated 
the establishment of learning organization, continue to arouse the staff's working enthusiasm and creativity,
 improve enterprise cohesion, to achieve the brand concept of individuals, enterprises, society and customer win-win,
 inspirational to Coollux (XLL) create lighting industry of Toyota.